About Us

Our Mission and Vision

NiekAab Desal’s mission is to provide design and manufacturing of closed-loop, sustainable, and renewable-energy driven water treatment and water quality monitoring systems for communities, medical settings, and farmers in remote areas. 

NiekAab Desal’s vision is to provide families and small businesses with affordable and sustainable tools to ensure safe and reliable drinking water.

NiekAab Desal is persistently working to help those parts of the world that do not have access to power and clean water use their own local biowaste resources such as agricultural residues, yard waste, and firewood to provide power and fresh water. We provide all necessary education and training to the communities so people can have access to the clean water with no hassle. We are working very closely with third-party manufacturers, corporate partners, local investors, and non-profit organizations to help make the world a place where everyone has access to clean water.

A brief introduction to what we do...

  • We help people in remote/devastated areas have access to clean reliable water
  • We provide portable, easy-to-operate, low maintenance solutions
  • We customize our products based on customer needs
  • We provide environmentally-friendly solutions with no waste

our team


Safa Amiri

Founder and CEO
Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, New Mexico State University.

Shayan Abootalebi

Masters in Electrical Engineering, New Mexico State University.

Mehrdad Irannejad

Chief Scientist
Ph.D. in Photonic and Material Science Engineering, University of Leeds.

Kirk Ziegler

Kirk Ziegler

Advisory Board
Professor in Chemical Engineering, University of Florida.


Alex DiCairano

Marketing Intern Bachelors in Agriculture Management and Sustainable Energy , University of Florida.

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+1 505 227 9807